Sunday, 7 September 2014

Feeling like Ariel

I was felling like a bit of a change today. Sent James a picture of the colour I was liking. He said go for it, and so I did. It has turned out a lot redder than I was planning, but I love it. I feel like Ariel. I shall be off to find my shell bra and brush my hair with a dinglehopper.

Friday, 5 September 2014


Ikea, I love you.

Also, I read some of the comments. Someone said they were not a fan of the layout of Ikea stores because they always get do you get lost in Ikea? You find the path with the nice arrows and follow it. It takes you through all the areas. I am baffled.

I will now go back to patiently waiting for my bookbook to arrive in the post.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Morning Wake Up

We had some gorgeous little friends wake us up this morning. They spent a lot of time on our neighbours balcony and our bedroom windowsill. They also came over to our balcony to give our toucan some company. We were watching them with our door open, but after one tried to fly into our apartment we decided the door closed would be a better option, so we admired them from inside. I wouldn't mind waking up to these guys every day.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cosy Outfit

There are some things I don't find particularly attractive, and wouldn't want to buy or wear. Cosy looking tracksuit pants are one of those things. They just don't work for me, but these ones...I don't know what it is about them...they just look so nice and so comfy, and OMG are they paired with a T-shirt that says 'Paris' over and over? 

I am so so tempted. So tempted. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Yesterday I went running. It was short, I couldn't breathe well. I was sweaty and exhausted. I felt amazing though. Felt so awesome. Yay! I finally did some exercise again!

Today my legs ache all over. I am tired and achey. This is why I struggle with this whole getting fit thing that people are supposed to do to be healthy and stuff. Why does it have to be "no pain, no gain"?

Tomorrow! Small steps...

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Women's Fitness

Every month I buy a copy of Women's Fitness, as the name suggests a magazine about women's fitness. I love it. It's filled with lots of great little stories, easy to do ideas, good tips and lots of inspiration. For the first 15 minutes after reading it I am all excited and inspired to sort my life out. I will start to exercise! I'll start with the lovely easy ones that you can do in your home. I'll then start going for runs again. I'll eat better. I'll feel better. This is going to be awesome!

Then, I go and lie down in bed and feel awful about the fact that I am not doing all these things. I remember how a month ago I felt exactly the same and did nothing. I then feel like a very lazy person.

This time I actually took a step back. And, yes, we were a whole lot more active two years ago and I don't know why we've stopped, but we also ate a whole lot worse two years ago. Whilst I may not do all the big things I want to do after reading the magazine I have been making small changes. Small changes never feel like much, and are never really noticed until you look back. We are not super fit, but we aren't unfit. We may not eat amazingly well, but we do eat well. If we keep making small changes then maybe, just maybe, one day I will read this magazine and go "Hey! I already do all this! It is awesome!" and I won't end up in bed feeling bad about myself.

To small changes!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Daydreaming About TOMS Shoes

I wear TOMS at work, they are super comfy and I love them. I have worn holes through the toes of my work pairs and am currently feeling shoeless, so I started browsing their website again. Man, do I love TOMS. I am seriously considering (but my bank account is seriously not) buying a WHOLE bunch of TOMS shoes, just deck out my whole wardrobe with TOMS need for any others. If I were to spend a ridiculous amount on a large number of shoes above are the ones I like (plus two others I haven't shared that I'd wear to work...why share the reasons for the whole post, hey?).

Clockwise from top left: Chestnut Synthetic Leather Paseos, Black Suede Correa Sandals, Natural Snow Leopard Vegan Classics, White Canvas Paseos, Red Tribal Essien Classics, Navy Galapagos Suede Correa Sandals, Navy Geometric Jonathan Adler Vegan Correa Sandals, Black Suede Desert Wedges, Blazing Yellow Jutti Flats.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Weird Things I Say At Work

I say a lot of things at work that would sound really weird if heard out of context, and so I thought I would share every now and again.

Back story for todays: At work we have a family wall in our Nursery room. It's basically a magnetic board with individual photos of all the children and their parents and siblings. It's a real comfort to a lot of the children, and just plain cute. Anyhoo, Harry was walking around looking a little sad, so I asked what was wrong and he held up the body of his dads picture and the head of his dads picture and said "Daddy..." to which I replied the above and went and got him a spare daddy we had made incase these sort of things happened.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Bath time

Does anyone else sometimes just want to curl up in a warm ball next to a warm bubble bath. Yes, next to. Being in the bath makes it hard to make all of you warm...and isn't exactly the most comfortable, but in a cosy, warm blanket next to a hot and lovely smelling bath with candles. Mmm. That's the kind of mood I am in now.

This is also the mood where I want to eat lots of ice-cream, so we are going to eat lots of ice-cream. Yay!

Photo by Rdoke

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Flower Inspiration

Guys, I'm getting married! I don't get tired of saying that, and whilst I am super enjoying all the fun planning and surfing the net this wedding planning malarky can be just a little bit, stuff is really expensive. Why is everything so expensive? 

I try and push all the money, expensive and stress inducing stuff to one side and enjoy dreaming about all the pretty things that we'll have at our wedding. We're planning it for Autumn time, but I don't want to do the stereotypical autumn stuff (pumpkins, leaves, orange and red) mainly because Australia doesn't do any seasons the stereotypical way...especially not the colder seasons. So, the current idea, and I say current because I am very prone to changing my mind, is beautiful autumn berries colours. Above are some of the beautiful bouquets I have found on my many hours of pinterest browsing. So many beautiful options. I currently saw a gorgeous white protea at my local florist and think it would look so beautiful surrounded by soft red and purple flowers.

Sources clockwise from top: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Monday, 23 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Burgers: Japan

Our ninth we have so many more to go! It doesn't look that great, and we had to use a fork to eat it, but it was yum and I think with some practice we could make this really work! Kewpie mayonnaise is supposedly super popular in Japan; it is pretty yummy.

23 more burgers to go!

Small World Coincidences

So, remember how I said we were watching SNL when James proposed? Yeah, well it was during Coldplay's second performance on the show, where they were singing 'A Sky Full of Stars'. A couple of weeks ago James and I were a tad bummed that Coldplay recorded a music video on King Street, like the street right next to where we live, and we were both too busy/working so missed it. Well, it turns out the song they were recording the video for was 'A Sky Full of Stars' James proposed to a song that had it's music video filmed right near our home. The world is so small and full of awesome little coincidences. :)

FIFA World Cup Burgers: Switzerland

This is the best burger we have made so far. Rosti is a swiss dish, they often eat it with bacon and eggs, so we made a super yummy breakfast burger. Super yum! Rosti, bacon, patty, gruyere and egg, nom nom nom nom! I wouldn't mind waking up to this every weekend.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Burgers: Portugal

We went with the obvious for Portugal: Peri peri and chicken, a delicious combination which made for a lovely burger. Simple, clean and yummy.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Burgers: France

We didn't exactly feel like making this one because France beat Switzerland in the morning...but we had planned it, and it sounded so yum, so we made it. We weren't entirely sure what to do for this, but after a bit of extra research we decided on something cheese and wine related. The steak was definitely the best part of this burger, my steak making skills are pretty awesome. :P

Monday, 9 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Burgers: Mexico and Costa Rica

We visited James' family this long weekend to celebrate his birthday last Monday and our engagement. They have been keeping up with our burgers and were excited for us to make some whilst we were visiting. So we made two, a dinner burger and a dessert burger.

Our dinner burger was Mexico, filled with a yummy homemade patty, salsa, guacamole and some cheese. It was yum.
Our dessert burger was Costa Rica. James' dad had told us we needed to have coffee in our Costa Rican burger, so we thought it would be easiest doing it as a dessert burger. After a little research we decided to add some banana's (apparently very popular in Costa Rica), and chocolate and dulce de leche (both heavily linked to South America). We made our buns out of choux pastry, and layered. This was delicious, like super yum, I can't believe we only made one each, delicious. Mmm, we are definitely looking into making some of the other burgers dessert burgers.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Burgers: Australia

Today's Burger: Australia!
James and I are not the biggest fans of beetroot, which is quite a popular filling for burgers in Australia. Since we eat these burgers after making them, we didn't add it, but we do acknowledge it as an Australian burger ingredient.
James used a more expensive cut of steak to make the patties for this burger, and OH MY were they so much more delicious! Yum!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Burgers: Argentina

Today's Burger: Argentina.
We don't know much about Argentinian cuisine, so did a bit of research and came up with this: Homemade patty, homemade chimichurri, grilled peppers and onions, homemade BBQ sauce and tomato. It was super yum.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

FIFA World Cup Burgers: USA

This is going to sound super lame, but James and I love how the McDonald's in Geneva would do these awesome themed burgers for things such as the FIFA World Cup. Since we are not in Geneva, James is making his own. We're having a lot of fun coming up with ideas. I'm very excited about the next couple of weeks.

James' First burger: USA. Crispy bacon, onions, special sauce (very similar to the Big Mac sauce), two homemade patties and cheddar cheese...yum yum yum!