Friday, 30 April 2010

Another day

I got my essay done. :D Early. Hehe. Well like by 11am on the day it was due, but all I did was some corrections today, was mainly done yesterday afternoon. It's odd. I never get things done that early. It felt good. I feel happy with it, I think I made some good arguments and it was well written. But this module doesn't like the way I write, it's too "serviceable" and not elegant enough. Hehe, I am a little bitter from their comments on my last essay. :P

Having a tough time with life at the moment. I try not to show it, keep it all to my room. Had quite a few teary moments, hehe. Miss James quite a bit, been about 4 months now. Not really fair. 66 more days til I see him again. :) A month from when I finish exams. It's all good. It will be all good. I will be fine.

Going to organise all my notes and get ready for exams tomorrow. Should keep me busy and distracted. :)

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