Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Basketball in the Sunshine

Last Wednesday our little basketball crew met up to play some basketball (I obviously didn't partake because...well I'm lazy like that). So instead, I took photos of the basketballiness! All in the lovely sunshine that only occasionally delights us up in the north, but has been taking a liking to our little corner of the world in the recent weeks if not months! :) It was a lovely afternoon out, just after I had handed in my dreaded dissertation - and now I share the photos as I "study" (I believe I have mentioned before, but I hate studying, I can't do it, re-reading stuff I've been told, relearning everything...seems so boring, I haven't been away from it long enough to have regained interest in it, and starting with maths is decreasing my interest in revision even more! I have forgotten calculus altogether, and developed a new fear of all things mathematical that makes me insides tighten up...ick! So I am trying to find ANYTHING other than revision to keep me occupied...).
15 days, and then my uni work is all over...I can then begin to moan and complain about how hard working life (or finding work) is... :P

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