Saturday, 18 May 2013

Our Eurovision Top 10

It's Eurovision week! Yay! Unfortunately, due to being in Australia we get the final later than Europe, but fortunately we still get to watch it! I was so excited last year when I discovered they showed it on TV here. We'll be watching the final on Sunday, so I've taken the Monday off of work (I know, I'm so awesome, right?). Before the semi-finals, James and I went through all the songs and chose our top 10. We don't really have a particular order for them, but we do have a top 2. I thought it would be fun to share our favourite 10. :)

Those that unfortunately did not make the finals:
Bulgaria - Who doesn't like a catchy beat with some awesome drumming skills? Apparently a lot of Europeans...

Latvia - I reckon they would have made an excellent opening act for the final. They also make me think of Top of the Pops. Added bonus: Awesome ipad usage.

Albania - They have their own John Lennon look-a-like. This was probably one of my least favourites of our top 10. So not so bummed.

Switzerland - We may both have a biased towards Switzerland...but then I should have a biased towards the UK and Austria, and I will happily say I would have been fine with both of them out of the final. Sad to see Switzerland didn't make it though.

Those that made it to the finals:
France - It sounds like an underwear or perfume ad. It makes me want to turn off all the lights, light some candles and sit in my underwear...maybe with some red wine?

Finland - Upbeat and a tad weird.

Malta - Upbeat, happy, adorable.

Belarus - It's very Eurovision: catchy, and you're not sure if they are speaking English or another language.

And our top 2, both in the finals, yay!
Romania - He has an amazing voice. It makes me smile. If you watch his face, he knows he's going to shock a few people, and he knows his voice is ridiculously amazing. Love it!

Greece - Kilts, facial hair, stalker with a thick moustache, and an awesome song.

That's our top 10. We're not really ballad those songs kind of bore us, which means the whole of Semi-Final 1 kind of bored us, and also made us sad since it meant half of the final was going to be boring...Let's hope costumes, commentary and hosting makes up for that. :)

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