Sunday, 13 October 2013

Weekend walking

This week I started the 10,000 step challenge. We started on Monday, so the end of last week I wore the pedometer to see what I normally do. Weekdays are awesome for me, walking to and from work already gets me 10,000 steps, so I was ending my weekdays on around 16,000. The weekends were a different story...I managed about 1,000 steps each day. Yeah, weekends are going to be a challenge.

I did a lot better this weekend. We went out to Ikea yesterday, and walked along King Street, so I got around 8,000 steps. Today we had a HUGE day out. We went to Circular Quay, around the Rocks, walked to the Australian Museum, walked around the Museum and got a grand total of 5,000 steps. What? Yeah, so today is not that great...I spent a lot of time walking around in 30 degree heat and still only half the steps. At least my 22,000 from Friday should make up for it!

Lets hope next week goes a little better.


  1. Is it 10,000 steps each day? For a specific amount of time? This is blowing my mind! I hope that you get going in the weekend, although Ikea alone should be a billion, I'm surprised it isn't! xx

    1. It is 10,000 steps each day until the 17th November. I was really shocked at how little steps it required to walk around Ikea! It should be a billion.