Saturday, 23 August 2014

Women's Fitness

Every month I buy a copy of Women's Fitness, as the name suggests a magazine about women's fitness. I love it. It's filled with lots of great little stories, easy to do ideas, good tips and lots of inspiration. For the first 15 minutes after reading it I am all excited and inspired to sort my life out. I will start to exercise! I'll start with the lovely easy ones that you can do in your home. I'll then start going for runs again. I'll eat better. I'll feel better. This is going to be awesome!

Then, I go and lie down in bed and feel awful about the fact that I am not doing all these things. I remember how a month ago I felt exactly the same and did nothing. I then feel like a very lazy person.

This time I actually took a step back. And, yes, we were a whole lot more active two years ago and I don't know why we've stopped, but we also ate a whole lot worse two years ago. Whilst I may not do all the big things I want to do after reading the magazine I have been making small changes. Small changes never feel like much, and are never really noticed until you look back. We are not super fit, but we aren't unfit. We may not eat amazingly well, but we do eat well. If we keep making small changes then maybe, just maybe, one day I will read this magazine and go "Hey! I already do all this! It is awesome!" and I won't end up in bed feeling bad about myself.

To small changes!

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