Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I agree with Garfield.

Haha...attractive picture!

Mondays suck. I start lectures at 9, which isn't that bad. My tutor is nice, and I actually understand the maths. It's really the afternoons that I don't like. Maths, Education, Maths. URGH! I went to Education last week to ask if they could move the lecture, since that would only inconvenience 20ish people as opposed to 200. But they can't, not unless the lecturer comes to them directly, and I never have time to talk to the lecturer because I arrive to the lectures late, and have to run off at the end...I feel so deflated after that lecture. AND the maths lecturer wouldn't end early so I could get to the next lecture not so late, BUT he thought that wouldn't be fair on the rest of the students. I hate being the only one doing my subject, I don't have any voice. So I feel pretty bad, tired and grumpy at the end of Mondays. Garfield has it right.

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