Thursday, 15 October 2009

Right, so!

Old photo. :)

I haven't really been paying much attension to my blog recently. Mainly because University has started and I really want to settle in to the rythm. I'm still not settled, I don't want to do work, my legs kill from walking, and I'm sick...just like everyone else.

I will be back shortly though, I think. I've decided to try and stop making plans, and just do what I feel like doing. So if I feel like posting, I will. I plan so much, and don't ever do most of it, that I feel bad...which probably isn't good is it?

As well as failing at the blog promise I made to myself...I have been failing at most of the others. I'm not really being very positive at the moment, but I'm trying! I haven't got a new camera yet. I've not been doing much for myself. And I haven't done much creative. Hopefully, just doing whatever will let me do SOME of these...but we'll see.

I may be writing a lot more than I normally do, probably in the evenings, because I just need to talk somewhere sometimes, and this is easy. :) My days are also becoming more interesting, as I now have things to talk lectures, and my legs hurting from all the walking! Also buying and cooking for myself, for the first time...and lacking a lot of veg. I just don't like picking it up to buy, like eating it...just forget to get it. Hehe...I'll sort that out eventually.

I could keep talking and talking....BUT I think with my health the way it is at the moment (cold, cough and achey legs) maybe some rest would be good. :)

PS: Sunday was 3 years with James. :) and they have been 3 happy years. :)

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