Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What've I been up to?

Well, I got back from Australia and gave Liam his birthday presents. To be honest I think I've had more fun with the Koala than he has. (Yes he is 19, but you have to understand he keeps a little owl in one of his coat pockets, so I thought it'd like a friend). I've also done a bit of studying and a bit of getting hungry, our kitchen is gone! Gone!!!
See the emptiness! It's moved on quite a bit since this photo, but still no units of anything in yet. Still, means I have an excuse to go out for lunch! Yay!
We've also been dogsitting for the ever so quiet Snowball, he never barks. Well, not never, but rarely...soooo quiet, but cute. :) We've also been playing a lot of Bridge, which I think we make WAY more fun than it should be...I think I get the blame for that...hehe.
AND we've been up to the mountains, where we also have no kitchen because my dad is doing that one up! It's looking good though. :)
I've also done my fair bit of shopping...AH, shopping! But other than that life has been relatively quiet. :) What've you been up to?

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  1. What no pictures of my efforts ? Some up to date ones on my camera