Sunday, 9 January 2011

15 degrees

Today was a gorgeous 15 degrees's the middle of winter...but I am not complaining. It looked lovely, and it's so nice not freezing whilst waiting for a bus outside!

I didn't get to enjoy the warmth much as I had decided today would be work day! Yes, work. Hehe. Technically I should have done an essay already, but the due date has been pushed back...and so the urgency to get that one done has gone. Hehe...I am still focussing on my essay that actually counts towards my degree, as well it counts and it's interesting. I think, think, I am getting plan is much clearer in my mind...I think. We'll see, more work tomorrow.

Tonight though, lovely dinner with friend from High School and then a beer tower or two! Not seen some of the people turning up tonight for 2 years, so it should be nice! :D

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