Thursday, 10 February 2011

Kookai Spring/Summer

Kookai's Spring/Summer collection is finally up! I have been checking their website since half way through January in anticipation.

The trends for the coming seasons are a little's probably the HUGE amount of bright contrasting colours that leads me to say that...because colours make me uncomfortable. I'm not as totally inspired and excited by the new lines out (with one exception), but the few items that I like I do really really like. The exception: Urban Safari is a trend...I am totally in my South Africa "need a new wardrobe" mode at the moment, so all sorts of safari colours and trends is making my head go a little crazy.

Eee. So, I have tried to timetable into my new shiny work plan 3 times a week to update this here little ol' blog, and todays will be clothes, clothes and more clothes. Because I do daydream about clothes a lot, I thought maybe to get me back into updating I should start sharing it with peoples. :)

PS: I have actually been doing some work! (Shock horror!) and I am enjoying it! I don't know whats wrong with me. :P

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