Thursday, 21 July 2011

Some Holiday Photos

Hello!! Some photos from the first part of our most amazing holiday to South Africa. :D
An awesome African proverb on the wall at Lesedi, in the Ndebele tribal area where 'the kids' stayed. :)

Now TSHUKUDU!!! :D Our favourite Safari Game Park! James now loves it too. :)
Impala, we see impala EVERYWHERE! They are the MacDonald's of the bush, around every corner, with and M on their butts.
We walked with cheetahs. Savannah's cubs. Unfortunately Savannah died whilst the cubs were still young, so they have become used to humans by being looked after humans. One of the cubs was rejected by Savannah, and so is a little more "tame" than the others. We now walk with four cheetahs instead of one. We're so cool.
Pretty Lilac-breasted Roller.
Giraffes! My new favourite animal. I LOVE taking photos of Giraffes, they are so awesome looking. :)
Red-beak Hornbill. They are so cool.
The Cheetahs. :) Much love.

More photos to come soon.

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