Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sun Downers

The Sun Downer was offered at Thonga beach for a maximum of 8 people an evening. Since the parents all went the first evening we decided to have a 'kids' Sun Downer. The idea is to go to a lake nearby in which Hippos live, to watch the Hippos as the sun sets with a drink. Unfortunately, on our trip we saw no Hippos (although we did hear a few and were informed they were maybe 40-50m away...reassuring knowledge) and there was no James and I couldn't have a G&T's...they remembered to pack tonic though! But I think the sunset may have made up for those facts. I hope you agree too. I was beautiful...but freezing, you may enjoy it more from the warmth of your homes. :P
I believe the photos are in order...although I'm not 100% on the last three, but it was spectacular. :)

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  1. OMG, this is the third time of posting a comment - this time anonymous methinks...

    Love all your photos

    Love the memories

    Love you