Saturday, 21 April 2012

Long Time No See

I loved that Canberra has seasons, Sydney is kind of seasonless. Plus having my birthday in Autumn . :)
I've been gone for a while, well a week, and that makes me feel bad. I feel like I have neglected my lovely little blog. I've actually felt like I've been making my blog more of a routine than something fun as I'm working on changing my mood about it. :P
I worked a 5 day week this week, normal for many people, but with the bus there and back it means I have only 4 hours awake at home. And I have been choosing not to spend on my computer as much. Just for this week. It's been a lovely week, I have LOVED being back at work. I love the kids in the toddler room, they are adorable, annoying at times, but adorable. :)

Anyhoo, I'm starting to feel like my head is starting to go all mushed up and confused...I know, I make so much I thought I'd share some photos from mine and James' little 'holiday' last week. :)
We visited the lake.
I shouldn't take photos looking into the sun, bad look.
Much nicer with some shade. Adore this photo.
We walked to see the sunset on two occasions, it was super cloudy and pointless one of the evenings, but lovely on this occasion. :)
We also went to watch the Brumbies again. They played MUCH better this time and we got to see 4 tries in one half, awesome. :)
Yeah, so when my brain is functioning properly (I have picked up a cold from the kids...and an interesting TV show is distracting me) I shall share some funny stories from work/ramblings from work. :P

I hope to get back to blogging again. :)

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