Sunday, 22 April 2012

Some stories from work

I shall spare you all any rantings from work (James knows I had quite a few things to rant about this week...) because while ranting can be fun it's just a bit too negative for the mood I'm in at the moment.

Things that made me laugh:
1. A while ago, whilst we were playing outside, I noticed one of my toddlers was scrapping his shoe on the floor funny, so went over to check it out. He had green paint on it. I then noticed green paint on his face, and hands, and bike...where was this green paint coming from? I looked over to where children had been painting in the morning and see another little boy painting the poles with paint. I go over to him and ask what he is doing. "Painting a smiley face" he says... I take the paint off him, do all my telling off, then take the two boys to wash their hands because they are pretty green. The bit about this whole situation that made me laugh was when they decided they were the Hulk because they were green, and started doing Hulk noises and 'flexing' their muscles. Boys can be cute.
Actually, boys seem to love superheroes. We get so many Batmans. I call all the kids dressed as Batman 'Batman' because most of them are from the pre-school rooms and I don't know their names. It's quite funny how many respond to it. 

2. During lunch one of the girls was saying she was a boy. This upset one of the little boys on her table, who started a little argument with her over whether or not she was a boy. The situation got sorted. The little boy, however, was still upset that the girl thought she was a boy so told her "You can't be a boy, because only boys play rugby and cricket!". He was dead serious. I was laughing, then looked down at him and he was not happy with me, which made me laugh more. At the age of 2 or 3 this kid already thinks girls can't play sport...oh dear!

3. Later on the same day, after play time outside, we had all the children from the toddler and pre-school rooms sitting in a circle whilst most of the staff finished tidying up the playground. Whilst the Toddler staff (myself included) were getting the toddlers to line up at the gate to go back inside one of the pre-schoolers jumped up. He lifted up his top and started thrusting his hips, and then he yelled "Sexy and I know it!". I was speechless.

Those are the only 'funny' things that happened at work. The kids do a lot of cute and funny things, but I think I would probably bore everyone with my ramblings about it. They are all getting cuter, but I think thats because they are liking me more. They know my name, they'll come running to me if they are scared and one of them screamed my name when she had an accident in the bathroom (she also gave me a kiss on the cheek for helping her, seriously cute). I won't be in the toddler room next week because both permanent staff will be there. I think I'll miss the kids, I might have to go in for a little visit. I do get to work with the babies next week though, and I do love babies, plus nurseries are so much calmer to work in. :)

I'm going to be sad when my 6 months is up.

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