Saturday, 27 October 2012

Why hello there!

 Hi there!

I know it's been a while, but it's been good for me. :) I'm not completely back to where I wanted to be with my break from my blog, but I'm definitely getting there. I've gotten back to the point of wanting to share rather than feeling like I should.

So, in the past month and a half I was asked to become a permanent casual at a childcare center I'd been working at, to cover for a sick staff member. James and I have pretty much planned the furniture we'll buy as and when we have an apartment to furnish, and we've started saving up for all that. We've also started making weekends full of treats, which we are loving. :D

The center I've been working at has been going through changes, but it now has a new Director and she is doing wonderful things to improve the center. The room I'm working in needs the most change, and unfortunately the permanent staff in that room are the most reluctant to change. It's been driving me a bit crazy, but I'm coping with it. We've done barely anything creative with the kids, and I've been in the room since August. The new Director has done painting with the twice, and I've got the crayons out for them. The Director gave both rooms a playdoh recipe this week which we've made, and I am getting out every day...but we have yet to get the permanent staff actively being creative with the kids. With next weeks being Halloween I've decided to find anything and everything toddler worthy to do next week.

Today we went for a walk to Darling Harbour. We got some Gloria Jeans. We went to Broadway and did a whole bunch of shopping for my Halloween ideas. We then spent the afternoon making (and failing quite a bit) goop. Tomorrow we're going to Ikea and I'm making the rest of my Halloween crafts. :D It's a good weekend.

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