Saturday, 14 September 2013

Today was lovely

The forecast today was rain. We haven't seen a single drop, or even any signs of this forecast coming true. Today has been lovely. Last weekend we decided we should do more with our weekends...maybe even get into the gorgeous city we have on our doorstep instead of sitting inside all the time. So today we went to explore the Strand Arcade, David Jones, Westfield and the QVB. The Strand Arcade and the QVB are so very beautiful, and the two shopping 'centres' photographed above. The shops inside each of them look ridiculously I didn't dare step inside them for fear of damaging the beautiful things inside of them. Gorgeous.

So yeah, we got off of our backsides today and it was well worth it! We also did a couple of others things, but my brain is not working enough to go into them...maybe another time. We have more planned for tomorrow too, and I got my tax return recently so I'm doing quite of bit of treat shopping that I may share.

Off to a night of Turkish takeaway and some rugby. :)

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