Saturday, 21 September 2013

Today was Productive

We have a friend coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks, arriving tomorrow, so took the opportunity to use the visit as encouragement to spring clean. Man did we get a lot done. It probably helped that we both naturally woke up at 7:30...which I still can't get over. I woke up at 7:30 on a weekend day, for no other reason than I was awake and didn't want to sleep. Anyhoo, because I am so proud of what we got done today I wanted to share.

Today we:
-Visited our Real Estate agents to discuss the tiles in our bathroom that have fallen off. The tiles just randomly popped off. We sent an e-mail on Monday and had heard nothing back since, they've been sorting things out for us...just not letting us know about it.
-Made mango ice cubes for easy smoothie making. Last weekend I'd made coffee ice cubes, mango and passionfruit ice cubes, mixed berries ice cubes, and banana and blueberry ice ice cubes were the last on my list. Mmmm smoothies.
-Sorted my flowers out. I still hadn't cleaned out some of the vases after throwing out flowers last weekend...they were looking gross. I also rearranged the flowers we have.
-Wrapped boxes. Remember me talking about making boxes for our appliances look pretty all the way back in June, well we got more boxes, so I made them pretty too.
-Wash, fold and put away our clothes.
-Went to the shops and had a treat before some shopping. It was about 11 at this point.
-Got some REALLY soft and lovely sheet set for our room. We wanted something new and light now that the weather is getting warmer. What we ended up with is AMAZING. If I could spend all day in bed stroking the sheets I think I would.
-Got an inflatable mattress, pump and some single sheets for our friend to sleep on. We discover this evening that the pump we got needs to attach to the cigarette thingy in a car to we will have to find another pump tomorrow.
-Had super yummy chicken wrap for lunch from Oporto. We're loving their new wrap selection. So so yum.
-Watched an unhealthy amount of Sesame Street clips. I am thinking of creating a mini-series here to share some of my favourites.
-Sorted out our kitchen. We tidied it and did a complete clear out off all the useless stuff/expired stuff we did not need. It looks very tidy and organised now. :)
-Tidied the bathroom.
-Tidied the rest of the apartment.
-Threw out about 3 bags of rubbish.
-Vacuumed the entire apartment.
-Flipped our mattress and made our bed with our gorgeous new sheets...and then lay on them for a bit raving about how incredibly soft they are.
-Did a little bit of grocery shopping.
-Had a G&T to celebrate an awesome days work finished by 5.

I think we did incredibly well. It has felt like an awesome day, and despite what we have got done it's also felt really relaxed and laid-back. :)

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