Wednesday, 5 February 2014

29 January - 4 February: What I'm Grateful For

I am so proud of myself to have kept this going this long! This week I am grateful for:
29 Jan
Blue skies
Evening of quizzes with James
Comfy pjs

30 Jan
Dinner at the dining table
Panadol (not because of the G&T's)

31 Jan - Oh my goodness! This was such an exhausting day!
The quiet after lots of children have been crying/screaming
Sleeping babies
The weekend

1 Feb
New Flowers
A wonderful day with James

2 Feb
My life
That James and I now think two days apart is too much
Getting the whole bed to myself

3 Feb
My supportive parents
Dinner with a friend
James coming home a day early

4 Feb
Super comfy rug - the children are LOVING it
Tickle sessions, when I'm the tickler
The Block being on TV again

What are you grateful for?

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