Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Birthday Flowers

I got picked up from work yesterday. Yay! And on the way home was asked if I wanted to stop by the shops or go straight home. I am ummed and arred a bit about if I wanted to buy myself some birthday flowers or not, but then decided straight home would be better.
We got home, I opened the door and immediately noticed the beautiful flowers above. I let out a very excited "You got me flowers!!" and gave James a massive hug. I then cried a bit.

Today is my birthday, and it's probably the most unbirthday feeling birthday I have had. I've been so absorbed in all the work I have to get done for my course (not to mention my Assessor is visiting the centre tomorrow!) that I've not really had too much time to think about the fact that it's my birthday. The flowers are beautiful. I think they will help me feel a lot happier in the next couple of hectic weeks.

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