Sunday, 4 May 2014

I'm Alive

So, it's been a while. As you may have gathered from my last post, things have been feeling a little overwhelming lately. The last two months I've been very busy working and finishing off my studying. It's felt very full on, and I'm still feeling exhausted. I submitted my final assignments this week, and now only have to wait for the results and do some First Aid training. So, hopefully in the next couple of weeks I start to feel a little more relaxed as I discover I have time to do stuff in, and I'll start to make more of an appearance here.

Whilst I have been working full time, and studying, I have somehow managed to fit in time for a few other things, so here is a little summary of what has been going on in my life:
-I have bought myself 2 more lovely bunches of flowers.
-We've spent a weekend celebrating one of James' grandparents 80th, including drinks in their hotel room with a ridiculous view of Sydney.
-We've been to Canberra quite a few times for Brumbies games and Easter.
-I broke my camera (sad face), only the lens, hopefully the warranty covers it
-I was treated to a lovely birthday dinner by my girlfriendies
-We hosted James' friends for drinks and games after dinner, they were very impressed with our collection of drinks and the 'cool' way we made them (thank you mason jars and cute straws)
-I died my hair copper using Olia, it turned out looking like someone had taken an orange highlighter to my hair, so I went back to my trusty L'Oreal creme casting gloss, used the caramel to calm it down and it is now the colour you see above
-I got my hair cut
-I have received a ridiculous amount of complements on my haircut, I am a very happy girl
-We went to Melbourne for James' cousins 21st
-We have decided Sydney is so much cooler than Melbourne (deal with it)
-I had 3 glasses of wine, at once, silly serving lady
-I made cups float using balloons
-We went to see the Lion King at the Capitol. The Lion King was awesome. The Capitol is a stunning theatre.
-My mum told me about BBC 2's show 'Natural World' and their Honey Badger episode which included quite a few stories about the Honey Badger we met last time we were in South Africa

It's really no wonder I feel like I need more sleep! We still have a few exciting things to look forward to, like Eurovision party at our place, Reginald D Hunter and Wayne Brady! :)

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