Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Work Stories

I haven't shared work stories in forever! So...where to start?

- One of the kids at work is very good at animal noises. She is also very good at "uncle" noises. If you ask her "What noise does uncle make?" She will fake a burp. It's so awesome, and one of my favourite things to ask her.
- We got these gorgeously comfy rugs for work which the kids love lying and rolling around on. We also like to lie down on these gorgeously comfy rugs, which turns us into awesome climbing frames for the kids. My colleague makes a good climbing person, and I as it turns out make a good practicing balance person. One child in particular like to stand himself up on my bum, steady himself and then try to walk. When he falls he gives out the biggest laugh, and tries again.
- The child that would cry all day long, and only sit with me, has settled. Yay! I do not come home feeling like the need to cry anymore!
- A little boy in the Toddler room has come in wearing a tutu quite a few times now. I love that no staff member or parents made any negative comment about this. I also love that his parents are supportive of this. Go world!
- I swear one of the kids at work who is only just starting to babble says "potato", she says "potato" a lot.

Work is going pretty awesome, and I am enjoying it so much more now that I am not studying as well. (First Aid this weekend and I'm done!)

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