Sunday, 25 May 2014

Spot of Shopping

Yesterday I went for a walk along King Street, popping into a couple of my favourite little stores. I really shouldn't have popped into the stores because I know how hard I find it not to buy things from these stores, but I did, and had to buy a couple of things.

1. Horseshoe Magnet. Seems like a weird thing to HAVE to buy, right? But, I've been asking for magnets for work since about March last year, and still haven't got anything. I saw this magnet on Anthropologie, and thought it was pretty awesome and perfect for kids to play and investigate with...but I wasn't paying the shipping. So, when I saw this in one of the stores (and then later in another) I felt I had to buy it. I limited myself to just one, which is showing a lot of restraint. :P I'm going to have to start making some investigative magnetic bottles for the kids now!

2. Crumpled Map. This was an impulse, at the counter purchase. I got it for when my parents come visit this Christmas, thought it would be useful for them.

3. Paper straws. We love adding a little paper straw to our G&T's, plus they are just so cute and fun, and we were running low. Not going to run low for a while now, what with the 288 straws I bought.

Maybe it's time for a G&T with a cute straw...

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