Sunday, 22 February 2009

Microphotography (flowers)

I discovered *Sakura* ( whilst looking through microphotography photos, and I have fallen in love with her photos! They are stunning. The colours and detail in each of them are not only incredible, but so pure and happy.

Normally I would show you some examples of how amazing her stuff is...but she has kindly asked on her profile that no one use her stuff without asking, so I thought I’d just direct you to her stuff, and show you a screen shot. :)

Really you should look at her stuff, simply amazing. :) A breath of fresh air and pure joy, so very very inspiring! She captures the colours and atmosphere in each of her pictures.

Now I would want to show my microphotography attempts, but compared to what I have just told you to look at, they are rather lacking in joy. But I will still display them.

Most of my microphotography attempts were as part of an art project. I called it “A Bugs Eye View”, as my inspiration was my joy of flowers and the fact that we only have birds-eye view photos. We never see the world from below. So some of my photos were not just of flowers, but were of flowers from an unusual angle. Here are some of the photos from the project:

Part of my final project:

(Yes I’ve posted this one before, but I love it)

Taken for my final (were cropped afterwards...but thought I’d show the whole picture):

One of my favourites, not part of the project...but makes me think of lying in the grass. :)

I live in the mountains/a my flowers weren’t as pretty...

I know flowers aren’t the only thing you can take microphotographs of...but that was what I was focussing on in this post. Hope you have enjoyed, and now want to go out on a walk with your camera!!


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