Friday, 27 February 2009

My Alter Ego

So, as you may have gathered from other posts, I did Art at school, for my IB (a school grading system, started in International Schools) in fact. We had to do 12 projects in 2 years, which included research (hence why I have been inspired by so many artists and movements), brainstorming, creating the final piece and analysing it.

One of my favourite pieces to do, because I had been developing the character for a few years, was one inspired by the powerpuff girls. I love their cuteness, so started drawing people like them, and then tweaking them to make them mine.

My first project involving this character was an exploration of the character, to determine a personality, different looks, etc. I ended up creating little photobooth type pictures of her pulling faces. My Art teacher told me she was my Alter Ego, and I think she kind of is. :)

Say 'Hello' to my Alter Ego (originals are 5x5cm):

My second project was inspired by a drawing of the above character after a maths test whist waiting for the time to end (This is of course after redrawing her in Illustrator and Photoshop...couldn't really access a computer after the test):

I showed my Art teacher, and was told to continue with them, maybe making a story for children. I went one step further, I made an interactive story for children. I created two more drawings with the same character, and the idea was to have them in three different movable frames, so that the audience could alter the order and make up their own story invloving the character. I even took the project to the primary school and tried it out with children to see if they would all choose the same order or something different, and then asked them to tell me the story. :)

Here are the other two pictures:

The finals ended up looking like this (100x20cm):

I will post some of the stories the children came up with tomorrow. :)

Hope you enjoyed these!!


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