Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Nick Sharratt

Nick Sharratt was my childhood star, I wanted to be him (a bit weird, me being a girl....but he was awesome!). I used to read Jacqueline Wilsons books, and my favourite thing about them was the illustrations and cover pages, all done by Nick Sharratt. His style was so unique and simple, but so difficult to repeat; trust me, I tried SO many times!

When I was about 12 he visited my school to promote some of his books, one of the being “Eat your Peas”. He was only visiting the Primary School, and I wasn’t in the Primary School, so I was a bit upset. BUT my mum asked if I could come down and see him because I was such a big fan, and they let me!! I brought a long some of my own cartoons, and recited all the things I remembered about him from my Jacqueline Wilson Diary, like he always wears his loafers, etc. He told me my cartoons were good, and with more practice I could get real good, and showed me some of his stuff. I think I was the happiest person alive that day!

So because he had inspired me so much earlier on in my life, I thought he deserved a mention. :)

Here’s some of his stuff:

From his own books:

For Jacqueline Wilson:

I think I’ve read almost all the books illustrated above.

One of my favourite covers!

And a link to a page ALL about him!

A site about one of his books: (tell me it makes you happy)


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