Monday, 14 September 2009


In a week I shall be in the Dur to the ham, and I am very excited. I have missed the place and all the people there, aaaannndd I can't wait to be in our new house and start decorating my room! I've come up with a colour scheme (yes I know, I do over think these things!) and all sorts of fun little decorations I can do! I've also got a list of some extra arty things I can do once I'm back. :) Eeeee!

In other news, my days are now bluring into one, so I only just realised it is Monday...which means I have not been making a 10 things I love you'll have to wait a bit. :P

AND, the Top 20 topic for this week is: TV theme songs. So basically the coolest intro theme songs for TV shows old and new. I have so many already!! :D

I've got to get packing!!

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