Monday, 7 December 2009


I hate ERM, so much. I actually hate writting an essay for it more. Learning about research methods isn't that bad, but having to write about what constitutes as evidence in social sciences, and how researches differentiate between good and bad research suing only 2-3 specific examples of research seems both silly and difficult to do, especially since I still don't understand exactly what it means. Tried all weekend (well tried not to do anything yesterday) to work on it, but got to a point of frustration where I couldn't look at it with out wanting to scream...yeah work gets to me like that.

I've decided I find it hard because I like rights and wrongs. Had an interesting revelation in another Education lecture, that people think differently. I knew they thought differently, but that there is an actual difference between sciency people and arts people. Sciencey people like right and wrong answers, they like things to make sense, to have set answers, something you can figure out. But art students (not as in visual art but history, english etc.) like wishy washy stuff, things that are unclear, things that don't have a right or wrong...I just don't understand it...which may be why I don't like this question, because I don't know what is wanted so I can't even try and get it close to right, whereas others can just plod along happy with their maybe right answer.

The essay problem isn't being helped by the fact that we lost to some bullies in basketball last night. They were three times our size, built like men, and just pushed us around, AND cheated. They only won by 2 baskets, but it's still not nice leaving a match like that...

I'll drink lots of tea and eat lots of biscuits and watch the X factor results tonight, and maybe I will be happy then. :)

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