Thursday, 31 December 2009

Essay time.

James left's not too difficult, I just get upset over little things like not being able to hold his hand or give him a hug...BUT I have essays to do so they can distract me, hopefully!
I have two essays for Eduction due before the end of January, one for the 7th and the other for the 20th...the one for the 20th actually counts toward my degree so I've got to make that one good. The topics are quite interesting, just hard to formulate an answer to! I often wish we could be asked the questions and then just have a discussion about it rather than having to write it out in a way that makes sense, because I'm not that great at making sense! To bore you some more I thought I might share the topics! :P (I'm basically procrastinating here...!)

So, for the 7th I am answering: 'The view that since 1945 cultural bulldozers have been at work destroying traditional British values is not only a gross over-simplification but is also patently untrue.' Discuss this statement.
It's interesting, I'm not yet entirely sure if I agree or disagree. I believe British values have changed since then, but who is to blame for it is hard to answer.

And, for the 20th (THE BIG ESSAY) I am answering: How effectively has the UK higher education system responded to ethnic diversity in contemporary society?
This ones a toughy, I think I know what they want as an answer, that it looks good at first glance but then taking a closer look they drop out, they aren't at top universities, etc. I am not looking forward to this one!

Anyone else answering any interesting questions?

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