Friday, 17 June 2011

A chilled to do list

I wanted to be healthy this week, thought I'd try some stuff from the yummy cook book...but the healthy detox stuff is really not I'm scraping that, food should be yum and enjoyable.

Today I have:
-walked to the shops and back
-made a disgusting breakfast (may tweak it tomorrow to see if it's yummier)
-made a leek soup (yum yum yum...see photo below)
To do:
-paint and draw
-finish Dara O'Briain's book
-have Fish and Chips
-enjoy night in whilst others are at Summer Ball (watch funny TV whilst eating Fish and Chips)

A chill day, and one I have enjoyed so far (except for the breakfast...tasted like paint stripper, bleurgh). :)

PS: I really like the flower photos I took yesterday.

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