Wednesday, 15 June 2011

More of our visit to Pleasurewood Hills

Our visit to Pleasurewood Hills...just some photos. Me and Miriam jumped REALLY high! That's why we're on the basketball team, because we can jump really high, uhuh. :P
The roller-coaster was terrifying. I think I much preferred taking photos of it than being on it. My stomach and head did not agree with the twists and turns...on most rides.
Except the carousel, that was a nice ride. :P We felt so cool, the only people on it. Oh yeah! Go us.
Miriam and Will making the boat ride look so normal and boring...oh yeah, let's just chat this is dull...weirdos.
And then they'd go on this...why?? It twists AND swings. And look how high it goes! And your feet dangle...again, weirdos!
Yet another spinning ride. Double spinning...I did not feel good after that ride. Bleurgh...all dizzy and bleurgh.
Hehe. Standing next to the ride looking up and who do I see? Seriously...why would you go on a ride like that?

I have learnt that I would much rather photograph rides than be on them. :)

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