Friday, 17 June 2011

Laughs and treats

(found on, but as you can see is from flyingkimchisoup)

I was doing my occasional browse of typography, because there are usually some inspirational or funny quotes in there. The above proves this, it made me laugh because I don't think I was expecting it to end as it did, but it's still true! :P

In other news, I have done all but tidying on my to do list so I treated myself to a new diary...I already have a lovely green diary from James, but this one is filofax style and I've wanted a filofax style diary for like 4-5 years! PLUS it's totally awesomely coloured and would totally fit into my cool, artistic, eventually working personality. :D Tis gorgeous, and from Paperchase (which thankfully only opened this year...because I would probably have had no money had it been here all three years of uni!!) and eee!
I think I may skip tidying...or do a little...and paint instead? I want to finish a set of paintings, I've only done 1/5 and I have had the canvases ready for at least a year now, so maybe it'd be a good time to get round to them!

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