Thursday, 3 May 2012

More stories from work

I do love my job, the children are wonderful, the staff are wonderful and it's just wonderful. I thought I would share some more stories, ones that have made my week.

1. This week I am the Toddler float, which means I am working in both Toddler rooms, back and forth. I don't mind this because (a) I get to spend time with my favourite little Toddlers and (b) I love the staff in both rooms. In the older Toddler room is a little girl who is totally awesome! She has the BEST imagination ever, and is downright cute. She will rarely come to the centre as herself. She is dressed as a normal little girl, but she can be a couple of different Pirates and apparently sometimes she comes in as a dog (which has a name, but I have forgotten it). This week she has been Captain Firebeard. I drew her a picture of 'Captain Firebeard' at the drawing table. He had a fire beard (duh!), a pirate hat with a skull and cross bones and a spike on it, a yellow outfit, 6 belts, a hook and a peg leg. My original 'Captain Firebeard' did not have all these things, most importantly he was missing his peg leg, so I drew him again. She LOVED it, took the drawing with her everywhere all afternoon. She showed pretty much everyone, and was SUPER excited about showing her dad. She is seriously cute.

2. Captain Firebeard and a couple of other older Toddlers enjoyed capturing me with hula-hoops, and then dragging me to a prison. It was quite hard to walk with hula-hoops around me knees, but I made it to the prison. I was then burnt by Captain Firebeard, I assume with his/her beard, and then locked in jail. I would then break out (after some subtle hints from the Toddlers to break out a.k.a "Run away!") and then chased. I love playing with Toddlers.

3. A couple of weeks ago I had the chicken dance stuck in my head. I was sitting outside humming it too myself when one of my little Toddlers turned up and asked what I was humming. So I explained, and taught her the chicken dance. She seemed to really enjoy it. This week, she came up to me and specifically asked for me to do the 'chicken song'. Made me smile.

Toddlers can be super difficult, probably the most difficult room, but they are so cute and loving. :)

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