Friday, 4 May 2012

Wrong Direction

Last week the Footy Show (a show in Oz about the footy...I actually quite enjoy it, but shhh) made fun of One Direction, because they were at a game here in Oz, yada yada. This caused some girls to write in upset at how they had made fun of One Direction, because they are awesome and don't deserve it, and how the Footy Show should apologise. So they did, in the form of the video above. It is so wonderful I had to share. :)


  1. Oh where I live they screen the 'other' footy show (the AFL one) but I've always watched the NRL one on holidays and long thought they were funnier.. to bad I don't have a clue what they are talking about.. this is hillarious! I'm so glad One Direction have left Aus though.. I was so sick of them by the end of their stay!

    1. Since I moved to Oz I've learnt so much about a lot of sports (my boyfriend is one of three boys, so their house is FULL of sport talk) I do now understand most of what they say, which makes it so much more enjoyable...I used to get so bored when he was watching it.

      Having watched One Direction through the whole of X-factor I kind of have a tiny soft spot for them, but it is nice not to hear about them on TV every 2 seconds!