Sunday, 28 April 2013

Saturday Out

Yesterday we had a pretty awesome day out. We met up with James' parents and wandered around the markets at The Rocks. We had a yummy brunch at Baroque, which is a french style restaurant, and felt like a little piece of home. They even do a steak with cafe de paris sauce. I got pretty excited about that, so I think we may have to go back so I can eat it. Instead, I had a coffee and pain au chocolat. Yum.

We then walked along into the city and said bye to James' parents. We headed to the Westfield to find some yummy cookies that my boss brings to work on Fridays. We didn't find them...but we did discover Westfield. I assumed all Westfields were the same, but this one was FANCY. Super fancy. The floors were all marble, and it was huge and overwhelming, but I totally want to go back and explore.

We did find a Laduree (which surprised me since no-one in Australia seems to ever understand what I'm talking about when I talk about Laduree macarons). I got excited again, so many memories of home. We got a box of 8 to eat at home with some tea. We then went to the shops to top up on our tea and headed home for a lazy afternoon until Danny Bhoy.
Danny Bhoy was amazing again, and so was the State Theatre where he was performing. :)

All in all a good day.


  1. Oh my heck, that Westfields looks amazing. They're an Australian company I think so makes sense that they go all out! The blueness of the sky is unreal, so jealous. Glad you had a lovely day :) xxx

    1. It's ridiculous right? I can't believe I've been living here 1.5 years and only just discovered it! :)