Thursday, 4 April 2013

Take That Weather

Today was wet, wet, wet again. It tipped it down just before 5:45, so I made sure I was prepared today! I packed everything inside a bin bag and then in my bag, to keep it dry. I borrowed James' coat and was set! It then didn't rain for the whole of my walk to and from work. Even more awesome, about 2 minutes after I got home it tipped it down. Weather 1 - 1 Katie. Let's see what tomorrow brings!

I'm sounding so English talking about the weather...


  1. I literally hate the weather, I really wish the weather was more calm and less violently psychotic, whenever I check the weather beforehand and try to plan ahead, it always manages to back fire on me. ♥

    1. The weather is so annoying like that! I used to have a theory that when I had an umbrella it wouldn't rain, and when I forgot my umbrella it would. There was a year when this theory was pretty spot on. Evil, evil weather! :)