Friday, 12 July 2013

Rostered Day Off

Today I have taken a day off. I wanted to take two days off in a couple of weeks, but another staff member was off I couldn't. Poo. Today's day off is pretty awesome though. Due to my Visa coming through I can now apply to study the course I'll need for my job next year, and I can use today to go out and prove to them I have the Visa...because they seem to insist on it being done in person. James' family are also visiting Sydney at the moment, so we can hang out with them today too. It all works out in the end!

My plans for today:
-Fill in Temporary Visa Form
-Take said form and proof to Stathfield
-If I have the sufficient funds already in my bank account pay for course
-Be enrolled!
-Take photos of pretty poppies in our apartment
-Have a yum lunch out
-Meet up with James' mum and brother to do something like going to the zoo or the aquarium
-Try my hardest to not buy or do anything for work
-Fail at previous plan

Sounds like a good day off to me!

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