Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mundane Midweek

Today has probably been pretty interesting as far as Wednesdays go.

Our boss wasn't in for the morning because she's feeling really ill; our Admin dude was at Head Office during the morning, and the only permanent staff member in the Toddler room today needed to go home for a bit because of a leak or something. So we had to shift around all sorts of things and sort out lunch covers and all sorts of boring ratio/staffing stuff.
In the afternoon we had a grandparents afternoon tea. This was probably the biggest family event we have had. We had 48 grandparents turn up! It was really nice to see most of the children interacting with their grandparents, and the grandparents were so excited and happy to see how happy their grandkids are. It also made the afternoon go by so quickly, and a lot of children went home early which makes the afternoons a lot less stressful.

We had Domino's for dinner, and quite a bit of beer too. I also booked two days off at the end of July around James' youngest brothers birthday. One of those days James and his youngest brother will be at a Liverpool game, so I'm planning on booking myself in to get a nice spa treat. I am looking forward to it. :)

I kept it brief today, that was my mundane midweek day. Thrilling, right?

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