Monday, 30 March 2009

Home Sweet Home.

I am home, have been for a few days now, and for that reason am not posting as much as normal. This is mainly due to the maount of sleeping I have been doing, and lack of work, therefore lack of want to be arty. :P It's really nice to be home. I was hoping the weather would be much warmer, was 16 degrees last week, but just like in England a coldness has taken over. The weater says it could get up to 20 degrees this Friday, but that does all depend on which wind is blowing...

Anyhoo, no photos of home to share yet, and nothing very arty done. I did tidy the house yesterday, nothing much else to do on a Sunday... So, here is something I made a few days ago. I'm sure plenty of people have done it before, I don't think I'm the only one to think of it, but I haven't seen it anywhere before, so voila:

When I finally get around to making a little shop of Katie stuff I am thinking of putting this on jumpers, and maybe using it for a Valentines day special gift. :)


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