Sunday, 8 March 2009

Why can't time fly when you want it to?

I'm supposed to be writing one of two essays due in less than 2 weeks...and I've done about 300 words on one, my aim is 1000 words today and then finish it tomorrow. But, I've become a bit bored, so I thought I'd share how much I'm looking forward to spring.

I am this year missing the mountains, I never realised I would, but now that I can't go up to the mountains I miss them. It's always so pretty up there, and the feeling of spring comes so much earlier too. Even though every inch is still covered in snow, there is sun and warmth, and that feeling of happiness which spring seems to bring with it. And I'm missing that. England is a rather gloomy place, and even though we have had some sun, the only thing springy are the flowers growing outside of college. Oh man, I got so excited when we first saw the Snowdrops and little purple flowers, and since then I've been waiting for the Daffodils to bloom. It's feeling like a long wait.

So why am I wanting spring? Because it's happy, it's bright, it brings with it this feeling that you can do anything, and days just seem brighter. Have you ever felt like a sunny day just ups the mood? I'm looking forward to all the colours that come with spring, the greens, pinks, purples, yellows and blue sky! Oh I can't wait! :)

(at the same time the quicker it comes, the less time I have for these essays...hmmm..bummer!)


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