Friday, 6 March 2009

A not so good day...

This week I'm feeling rather un-inspirational, and un-arty...I'm feeling rather low... I think it's work, I have two essays due before the 20th of March, one on the most boring subject ever! Well talking about it's fine, doing the research is boring...Education in the market place... thrilling sounding right? And then i get 3 maths homeworks a week, and now that we are doing probability it takes me FOREVER to do them. That said I have spent quite a lot of time doing nothing, just because I was tired. I wish I felt more alive...I need spring to come, this interchanging time is just such confusing weather that I'm not sure how to feel.

On another note...since I haven't had much time for art recently I will when I feel like an arty post, be posting old photos I like, and old artwork. :) Was nice looking through some old photos. :)

PS: The photo is proof love can be found in the strangest of places.


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