Thursday, 16 April 2009


Things have changed. First, my hair!!! :D I did want to grow it, but then I thought a short hair cut would be so practical and summery, and since it felt so summery in Geneva I went for it. The first cut was longer than the above pictures, and I wanted it shorter, so I got it shorter with some blondish highlights. I am mucho happy with it. :D I think the highlights bring out the ginger in my hair, and my eyes stand out a little more. :)

Secondly, I am back in Durham...and it is not warm. No more 20 degrees, nope it's down to 10...thats not very warm for spring. It is very dismal. Not a very happy change, but I'm back in my room and happy with that. Went shopping for 3 days worth of food for Adrienne and I. We spent £20. Which we think is good. :P We made a yum salad for lunch, with bacon, mushrooms, toast and yum french sauce.

I am now catching up on all my missed tv shows. How about you?


  1. well, i went shopping with kt and we bought yummy food and we cooked an amazing dinner tonight with sausages, rice and lettuce salad!

  2. Wow!! That sounds totally awesome!! :P