Saturday, 25 April 2009

It's Saturday.

I got up early today. I'm trying to get back into a uni rythm. Not ready to study for exams yet, need classes to spur me on. So what else is there to do in the morning? First, talk to James on the phone for an hour or so. :D YAY! and some drawings. Can't really do too much in my little college room, so I'm mainly drawing then painting in photoshop. :) Relaxing, but hurts the eyes. :P

Been working on little themes for Susie :P I made a British Summer, with Pimms and Strawberries, and a BBQ, with not much...It was early, I was tired. Anyhoo! Thought I'd share!!

Summer Susie original drawing.

Summer Susie coloured.

Bbq Susie original drawing.

Bbq Susie coloured.

Having tea and biscuits for lunch today. Mmmm. Hehe.

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