Friday, 24 April 2009

Getting ready and :(

I have got most of my stuff ready to scrapbook my first year of uni. I'm just missing the most important things, the photos! I always find it very hard to choose which to include, I just love all of them!! I will be scrapbooking in a file for the first time, thought it would be appropriate considering that it is a uni scrapbook. :) I am getting very excited!

On another note, I was sorting out my wardrobe today. I go through phases, and have now decided I don't want much colour, just neutral clothes. So I was making sure that was mainly what my wardrobe consisted of. Whilst on a roll I decided that maybe i should sort out pants, socks and bras. I am very upset I have to throw away 7 bras. :( I get attached to them... they were the first pretty bras I owned. I suppose it's about time I throw them away, had some for nearly 3 years! Ew! :P But they no longer fit, and that is the main reason they need to go... :(


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