Tuesday, 19 May 2009

10 things I love

1. The thought of exams being over.

2. Le gay Paris. Will be stopping off there for a few days with my Mum on my way home. :)

3. Tattoos, not all, but some are just awesome.

4. Sleep.

5. Clouds. So pretty and dreamy.

6. Adrienne's Birthday.

7. Zen

8. Eurovision!! OMG! Best night of every year!! This years was pretty fab, my favourites didn't win...but the UK came 5th!! Wow!! :D If you didn't see it, you should def try check it out!

9. The Summer Ball Theme: Neverland!! Will be so awesome!!! The poster makers so totally edited this one!

10. Charlie and Lola. They are just so cute! :) I know I may be 19, but I really enjoy watching this show!

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