Monday, 10 August 2009

10 things I love.

1. Getting to spend a month with James! :)

2. Being by water, whether it;s a river, lake or the ocean some of my favourite places are near water.

3. The Opera House.

4. Kikki.k - amazing stationary and crafts shop!

5. The view the animals at Taronga Zoo have....jealous!

6. The Hangover! Awesome movie!

7. Darling Harbour. So nice to just sit around and do nothing there.

8. HUGS!! Come in all shapes and sizes. :)

9. Cupcake ice-creams. We even put little treats inside!

10. James' cooking! Yum! He made chicken kiev with rice and peppers, and profiterolls for dessert. :)

This is almost like an update about what I did in Australia...but that won't stop me giving you a proper update!

Now for some good news:

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