Thursday, 20 August 2009


OMG! I am so sorry I take forever to do anything! So what did I do in Canberra? Well, a lot more than I expected....It’s supposed to be a boring place, that’s what everyone I talk to says at least. BUT I had fun there. I went to:

Black I making up that name? Or was it actually called that?

It was pretty cool. Hehe. Had a view of all of Canberra from that tower thing. We could go outside and have a look around as well as looking from inside. Outside, was however VERY windy!! One side was obviously ok, but as you walked round the tower you sort of started getting dragged backwards!

Questacon – apparently the only thing to do in Canberra...pfff. It’s quite cool. Obviously made for people younger than James and I, but that didn’t stop us having fun with the interactive stuff!

Vanity Fair Portrait Gallery – was interesting. Some of the older portraits were really cool, and obviously more real (no retouching and loads of makeup). I found the modern ones a bit too...nude? I don’t know why people want to take their clothes off nowadays, but a lot of them do!

We went to the Art Gallery the same day, but first went on a walk down to the lake. It has a Jet d’eau too! Hehe. I took some pictures of it despite having one at home!

The Art Gallery was cool. Hehe. Had lots of different kinds of art in it. I took a few pictures before realising we weren’t allowed to take photos!! Oops! Here are some of my faves:

Blue poles by Jackson Pollack.

Don’t know the name but it was cool. J I liked the shadow!

Outside the Art Gallery they had some cool decoration thingies...Poles wrapped in scarves and a floating ball:

We also went to the War memorial...wasn’t that interesting, but the Poppies next to all the names of the people in the war were pretty:

After a trip to Queensland (will write about that later) we came back to Canberra for a few days, and played some Golf...not really golf, but fun golf...the term for it escapes me at the moment...hate it when that happens! It was a lot of fun. I started off a bit too not me! :P Toned it down though so that I could actually enjoy myself! We ended up drawing, and had quite a bit of fun. Hehe...we liked the bunkers...and were pretty hopeless at our first shots!

We also went and saw 3 movies. We saw Transformers 2 during my first week there. Was pretty cool. I didn’t expect to like it because it’s not my kind of movie, but I did. We went and saw Harry potter a few days after it came out...was long, and good but not...The ending was a bit bleh. BUT the lucky potion bit was hilarious, favourite bit...wish Harry acted like that all the time! And then we saw Hangover! EXCELLENT movie! Laughed quite a bit!

We did other stuff...of course...but not much else I think is worth mentioning!

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