Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Coming soon!

So I haven't been around lately, a.k.a the last month, but I have a reason. I've been busy. Not really doing much, but having fun and spending as much time with James as possible before I go home.

I wanted to post about my trip to Australia a few time a week, with pictures. But I couldn't load any pictures and thought loads of fully text posts would be boring. (I am a visual person) So I haven't been saying much. James is at a lecture now, so I thought I would just drop by and explain myself and say what should be coming up. I have had a bit of time to plan things, and I love planning, and for my next 2 months off uni I have a lot of fun planned!

What I want to do:
-Post about Australia.
-Paint, draw things for my new room.
-Make things to put on the walls and plan layouts.
-Buy cute, practical stationary.
-Make place settings for our dining room.
-Make door stops.
-Take beautiful pictures.
-Hang out with my family.
-Learn to cook well.
-Sort out my wardrobe and all my un-needed things.
-Post lots of 10 things I love lists.
-Sort out my blog.
-Post about all these things.

I hope I can get this all done! :)

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