Saturday, 11 December 2010

Do they Know it's Christmas?

I have been working! feels like work. I have been typing up my lecture notes from this term so I don't have to lug a whole bung of notebooks home with me. :) Also makes it much easier to cut and paste into essays :P I think I've done 2 modules so far...I've not really been very organised with it. Hehe, but it feels productive. I also let myself sleep. I have been so tired recently, HUGE bags under my eyes. Ick! for today!

Todays song is the original (and best) version of " Do They Know it's Christmas" by Band Aid. :)

We had a Christmas party on Thursday evening...unfortunately I left my camera upstairs. it was fun though. Salmon pate went down very well (thanks for the recipe!) and oh my gosh the food was so yum: mulled wine, champagne, christmassy soup, turkey, mash, honey roasted parsnips, cinnamon buns, mince pies....gar mouth watering! We had the Christmas tree up with Secret Santa presents underneath too, and made paper snowflakes which we hung from the ceiling. I should really have take photos! I took some of the food with Adrienne's might steal them when they go up on facebook! Was lovely. :)

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  1. that was you!!! haha i can send them to you coz i don't know when i'll put them on facebook. i was wondering, i thought it was sasha :P