Friday, 3 December 2010

Last Christmas.

It's beautiful and sunny outside, with snow covering the trees and ground. My favourite kind of weather. Unfortunately it's allegedly -11 degrees outside! Eeek! I'm sure it's not, but it is a scary thought. Hehe.

I apologise for no dress photo yesterday, it being cold and snowy dresses seem a bit impractical. I also do not have any new photos of snow, perhaps today I will take my camera out with me. Our Christmas formal was cancelled due to the snow (MEGA :( ) but it has saved me some money AND we got to watch the Mentalist replay (we always forget to watch it on Friday, and then are busy on Thursdays...).

Todays Advent Song is 'Last Christmas' by Wham. When I hear the song I tend to think about being in a slightly chilly car driving to Kinoulton to visit friends. We probably only did that once around Christmas time, but the memory of it with the song playing and us singing along is always there. :P It is quite interesting how songs and movies and certain things can spark these little memories. :)

There was a much better version on youtube, but the embedded link had been deactivated. Poo.

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